Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quebec; Chez Victor

Hey guys!

I don't often get to visit other cities in the province of Quebec. The funny thing is I've been to New York city more often than to our provincial capital city. Eh.

Though this year I have spent the St-Jean-Baptiste recovering from a long time friend's wedding party, last year I actually paid a visit to the capital with my boyfriend. We wanted to see the music shows on the Abraham plains but we realized these happen the day before the actual holiday ... while in Montreal all the fun happens on the day of the holiday. Oh well that was alright because we took our few days off to walk around, chill, and eat.

Before arriving there I asked friends if they recommended a place to eat at. Surprisingly people from Montreal don't seem to know much about the Quebec city food scene. The recommendation that came up the most was Chez Victor, a small gourmet burger chain. My boyfriend happens to love burgers so we went.

We got in and the place wasn't busy even though it was lunch time. I think while people in Montreal really go out during the Saint-Jean to make the most out of this paid holiday, people in Quebec city seem to be more interested in getting out of the city. I swear I saw more tourists than locals over there.

We decided to eat on the terrace. As we looked through the pages of the menu (which is well designed and is of a nice format) something caught our eyes : the selection is bigger than we had expected. They don't only have burgers, they also have a variety of sandwiches (I know, a burger is technically a sandwich), salads, sides, and mayos.

We didn't know which mayo to pick to dip our French fries in so we just took all of them. We also ordered some spicy deep fried onions.

I'm a huge sucker for onion rings and blooming onions and anything onion! Those were good, piping hot, spicy. The onion was soft and sweet inside, yet super crispy outside. The batter held on very well which is important for me. However the portion, with our French fries, seemed huge. We couldn't finish it.

For my burger I got tempted by a beef patty with brie and red pepper jam.

On the menu I saw there were salmon, turkey, and vegetarian burgers. I almost went for one of those options because I'm not big on red meat. However I wanted to be fair to those burgers so I went with something traditional which is beef. I really liked how the flavors went well together : the sweet red pepper jam complimented the soft gooey brie. The patty was juicy and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients. The French fries were crispy and good, but you have to eat them while they're hot. If you take too long they tend to get hard as they cool down.

My honey went for La Bête : AAA beef aged 40 days, cheddar, bacon jam, mayonnaise with special spices and Jack Daniel's.

By the look on his face I could tell it was one of the best burgers he had in his life. I tried the bacon jam and it was quite good! You know the kind of thing you will start putting on everything you eat. Also you would expect it to be quite expensive but it's not.

Overall the size of the burgers were good. We didn't walk out of the place wanting to die which is important when you know you'll have a lot of walking around to do. Also, the mayo dips were very good! We're glad we ordered them all because it made every bite different and interesting. We also didn't fight over the dips because we have different tastes.

So if you like burgers and are looking for something different without being extravagant and pretentious, then chez Victor is your place. It's also very laid back so bring on the friends and family!

Until next time!

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