Sunday, August 30, 2015

Halifax; Fredie's Fantastic Fish

During our stay in Halifax we took a whole afternoon to visit Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg, located at a rather short distance from the city. Before heading there I suggested we make a stop at Fredie's for lunch.

The place is basically a small fast food joint specialized in fish and chips, lobster rolls, and fried clams. Located in a suburban type of outdoor shopping center it's quite popular despite its location and size.

We were quite curious and eager to try out the food there after reading mostly favorable reviews online and after seeing the relatively good prices they had to offer. When we got there we could clearly see the cooking station and there were quite a bunch of locals seated having lunch or waiting for their order to take out. They don't have many seats so we considered lucky to have spots. You may choose to sit directly at the counter right across the fryer and stove tops or by the windows.

We decided to go for a lobster roll, Newfie fries, and a half seafood sample platter.

The lobster roll was quite simple, with a light dressing and some green lettuce at the bottom. The roll was soft and fresh. There was much more lobster than what we had from Dave's as you can tell from all the meat overflowing from the roll and onto the plate.

Instead of getting regular fries we traded them for Newfie fries, which are basically fries covered with gravy and seasoned fresh bread crumbs. The fries were fresh off the deep fryer, crispy outside and fluffy inside. The portion was actually quite big and we didn't finish it, and we liked it though we did think to ourselves someone probably came up with that recipe while drunk or high.

The half seafood sampler platter was also a lot of food : deep fried clams, a few scallops, a piece of haddock, and a side of fries.

The haddock was fresh and covered in a generous amount of golden batter. The scallops were soft and buttery. The clams were crunchy outside and had their distinctive flavor and texture that may weird out some people but that I actually enjoy. We barely touched the fries because it was too much even if they were good on their own.

The staff at Fredie's was very friendly with us. Once our order was ready a lovely lady brought it directly to us where we were seated. Everyone in the place also spotted us quite fast because we came in while talking to each other in French, and so the cashier asked us where we were from and that she did learn French at some point in school but never got to use it in real life. When we left they all said thank you and wished us a nice stay in Halifax.

Overall our experience at Fredie's was pleasurable, the food was good, and the prices were interesting. Far from being a fancy place (it looks like a small diner from the 60s) they seem to put much more care and love into the food than the decor. Honestly if you have the chance to pass by or if it happens to be somewhat on your way then you should do the small detour. You won't regret it.

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