Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cuisine Bangkok

I usually try to avoid fast food joints. Mostly the ones located in food courts. Especially the Asian joints because they just all taste wrong to me (and I end up with a terrible stomachache at work that I have to bear all afternoon).

Today I will be reviewing an Asian fast food joint in a food court. Spoiler alert : one of the best pad thais in Montreal is found at one of the worst locations ever.

Everyone has heard about the Faubourg Ste-Catherine, right? No? If you hang out in the Concordia area, in downtown, you've seen it dozens of times. It's the poorly kept shopping center located on Ste-Catherine between Guy and St-Mathieu. Still have no clue what I'm talking about? It's normal.

Well, let's go back a few months ago, when I complained to Khoa that I had to add Sriracha to Thai Express's extra spicy pad thai because it was never spicy enough for me. He told me if I was up for the challenge, and if I wanted to try something good, to give Cuisine Bangkok's pad thai a try. I read a few reviews online and, despite people critizing the questionable cleanliness of the food court, I thought I had to give it a try next time I was going to be in the area.

And so I had some deeds downtown and passed by. I ordered a chicken pad thai (don't worry they have many more items but that was the one I came for). Asked for midly spicy because the girl warned me their stuff was very spicy (there's even a little disclaimer under the menu items saying they are not responsible for any damage caused by the level of spiciness).

For starters, when I took my tray to sit at the other side of the food court I realized how humongous the portion is. Actually it's just as big as Thai Express which is, honestly, too big for one normally constituted adult.

Second, I also saw my pad thai wasn't floating on a lake of oil and it wasn't moving around like a caramel flan would, which is actually a good thing! Even if it's sautéed in oil, pad thai is supposed to be slightly dry, not drenched in a liter of sauce.

And so I dug in. It was very good, with pieces of egg, crunchy fresh soybean sprouts, tender chicken, and a little garnish of sliced green onion. Not only were the textures right, and the flavors, but I was pleased with the spices. Actually, it was quite spicy. I think I teared a little bit (though nothing will make me cry like the McKibbin's Rim Reaper challenge did). But I didn't tear because I couldn't handle it! It was the blend of spices that would come up my nose after I had chewed and swallowed my first bite and which kept on building with every bite. It wasn't disgustingly spicy either but I wouldn't bring that to work if I don't want the people sitting next to me disappear under their desk to protect themselves.

So do I recommend Cuisine Bangkok? I do. Not just for the amazing level of spiciness (look at my face you know I can handle spicy) but for the food, that's good and simple, prepared with no pretention at all and with more care than at other places. To give you an idea, at Thai Express your pad thai is ready in like what, under 2 minutes? I had to wait at least five minutes there, which, for a fast food, can be considered as slow. But the little extra wait is worth it.

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