Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marché 27 Bar à tartare

Hey guys! A little while back my friend Francis and I were chilling at a cafe when at some point we got hungry. He suggested we go to Marché 27 Bar à tartare, in Downtown Montreal, because it was nearby and because we love tartar.

We went there on a cold Monday evening so there weren't much people (there was a group of three girls and us). The lighting was quite low and the sun had already set down so it was quite dark inside. We were greeted by a good looking guy who invited us to sit wherever we wanted. He handed us two menus, gave us some quick explanation and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. We said we were only going to have water.

So we browsed the menu. Everything fits on one page. They have some sides, burgers, seafood, but the main specialty is obviously tartar. You get to choose your meat, the size (100 g, 150 g or 200 g) and the style (French, Japanese, Spicy, and so on). For a few extra bucks you can also add quail eggs, truffle shavings, avocado, etc.

So we asked for three meats at 100 g each : Russian veal, Italian duck, and French beef. We also ordered a side of sweet potato fries. The meats were served with a side of crispy slices of baguette.

The Russian style is basically vodka, lime, onions, black tobiko, black pepper, and crispy beet. It's also served on three slices of colorful beet. The veal was chopped coarsely and the beet made it look very red. The presentation was very pleasant to the eyes. The meat was tender and tasted fresh.

The Italian style consists of Parmesan, truffle oil, onions, and chives. The duck was finely minced and personally I would have skipped the onions for this one. Still it was our favorite. Honestly it was the first time I had raw duck (except maybe for the pink part of a seared duck breast) so I wasn't sure what to expect. Fresh duck is very tender and, well, tastes like duck. It was served on some arugula and the presentation was not as interesting as the veal but really, does everything have to look perfect?

The French style is made with Dijon mustard, Tabasco, capers, olive oil, and red onions. The beef was also topped with sweet pickles and served with a smear of Dijon mustard. Because of the ingredients it looked very green compared to the other meats. I found the choice of ingredients a little too tart (there was a lot of acidity) and I should not have eaten those pickles. The beef was chopped finely and tasted fresh.

All throughout the service a very pretty and quite sexy waitress came to fill up our water glasses and ask us if everything was good. At the end, when she took away our slate board, she asked us if we wanted to have dessert, or perhaps coffee or tea. We said no thank you.

Overall our experience was very pleasant. The ambiance is quite relaxed and calm (if you're tired like I was after a day at the office you might feel sleepy). The service was great and the meats were good. However some styles might not exactly suit your taste buds (we liked Italian the most and French the least) but it's still good. Oh and the sweet potato fries? They were perfect. So that's a total win. For two persons the quantities were very satisfying.

Even though it's quite pricey I recommend Marché 27. The cuts used are very tender and the choices are very interesting. However there are some matches that I would personally not try (such as French smoked salmon ... that just sounds wrong). So make sure you know your flavors and your meats before you go there!

And so that's it for today. Until next time!

For more information on Marché 27 :

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