Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sparrow // Le Moineau

Hi guys! A little while ago Rio suggested we go for coffee to catch up and chill a bit. I asked if we could go brunch instead ... so we did! We finally went to Sparrow! They have kind of a weird schedule because of their dual personality (day bird and night owl) and on some of the days they're supposed to be open they are sometimes closed ... this time they weren't.

When we got in we saw the place was full. The waitress asked if we'd rather be seated at the bar or on the couch by the window ... we totally went for the couch. Our table was basically what looked like your great-great-grandfather suitcase. While looking at the menu we asked for coffee.

Rio went for the Turkish breakfast : feta, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, soft boiled egg, fig and sour cherry jam, extra merguez.

His plate was quite healthy. Actually the whole brunch menu is pretty healthy. It was a good arrangement of sweet and salty, the colors were beautiful, and the food tasted fresh.

In my case I had the house-smoke trout : spinach and green onion pancake, soft boiled egg, beet salad.

The pancake was the fluffiest thing I had ever had. The spinach was minced very very thin so it was distributed evenly in the pancake rather than just being in lumps. The beet salad tasted fresh (unlike the canned stuff) and the trout was succulent. It was melting right into my mouth. It was also served with a spoon of sour cream.

We had a great time. Rio told me about his trip in Costa Rica (and how he learned how to love coffee even more) and he, obviously, brought me a souvenir. The waitress was fast on the coffee refill. The ambiance was pretty laid back, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, it was a bit loud but not too much.

If there is something you absolutely need to see though it's the bathroom. The decoration is so nice and beautiful and cozy and hipster ... totally something I would want to recreate, with wooden effects and old accessories. But that's just my personal appreciation.

We really appreciated our experience. Brunch doesn't have to be too fancy or too heavy, and Sparrow is a great example of healthy simple yet creative brunch. The price was a bit high (with the tip I must have spent around 25$) but considering the fact that everything is homemade, fresh, and that it's located in the Mile-End, it's actually fine.

So I really recommend Sparrow, but I suggest you check their opening hours before. Also, they become a bar at night, so that'd be great to get to discover that other side of the place.

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