Saturday, February 14, 2015

Decca 77

Hey guys! A while ago a bunch of friends and I went out during Mtl à Table, that food happening during which many restaurants offer a special full-course menu for 19$, 29$, or 39$. Daniel suggested we go to Decca 77 and made the reservation.

For 29$ we could choose between two entrées, two mains, and two desserts. Virtually creating eight different combinations.

When I got in my first thought was "Good thing I'm wearing my office clothes". The place is quite chic, even a bit pretentious. Just for fun, Hong brought his monocle because he was told to dress to impress ... needless to say it fit perfectly. Daniel was just wearing a t-shirt. I personally didn't care because I love my friends the way they are, but he didn't fit with the decor.

Also ... the employees there sort of messed up. We were told to wait at the bar for a while because they forgot about Daniel's reservation. The funny part is he called three weeks in advance and reminded us about it quite often. When we got there the guy said there was no reservation under Daniel's name ... turns out it was written down on the wrong page. Oh woah. So while they were trying to figure things out we waited like a bunch of idiots (eight idiots) at the bar.

When they had finally cleared a few tables and arranged them we sat down. Our waitress explained us the items on the menu. She was nice and cute. There were some decorative squashes on the table. One of them was shaped like a swan and I got too excited playing with it and broke it ... Oops. Managed to switch it with one on another table as if nothing had happened.

I started taking my camera out when the bread came in (bread was nice but butter was cold) to test the light settings. Daniel asked "Are you really taking pictures of the bread?" To which I replied "I'm testing the light settings". A few minutes later he takes his own camera out and Victor asks "Are you too taking pictures of the bread?" To which he replied "I'm just testing the light settings!" Oh, the ridiculousness of being a foodie sometimes.

And so we ordered. For the entrées we had to choose between smoked salmon or pumpkin soup.

More precisely, the smoked salmon entrée came with shrimp fritters, chicharones and pepper mayonnaise. Those who had it said it was very good, perfect crunch and perfect seasoning. Too bad the cone wasn't edible.

The pumpkin soup was made with foie gras, bacon, and daylily oil. It was topped with crusty bread and mushroom. I found the seasoning was perfect (remember I can't stand it when I can taste the salt) but the foie gras was sort of missing. I mean you don't need much to make pumpkin taste like almost anything and so I was either expecting a stronger foie gras taste or actual bits of foie gras scattered on top of the soup. Remember I'm a foie gras addict. Other than that, the colors were beautiful and the texture was just rich enough without feeling heavy.

For the main we had to choose between caramelized halibut or a guinea fowl baluchon.

The fish dish was actually miso caramelized halibut, rutabaga mousse and thin oyster mushroom. It was also presented with fresh sliced vegetables. Everyone who had it seemed to really enjoy it, except for Daniel who thought his was a bit dry.

The poultry dish was a guinea fowl and chorizo baluchon, vegetables relish, and pureed potato (aligot style) with confit garlic. It was presented with some steamed young broccoli and whole pickled small white onions. I was afraid the dish was going to be too sweet because of the looks of the vegetables, but it wasn't. The baluchon was juicy and tender but I was a bit disappointed in the presentation. I would have preferred it whole rather than sliced. I wanted to see an actual baluchon. Instead, the dough had soaked up the sauce which, flavor wise, was a good thing, but presentation wise, made it look a bit sad. But just so you know I ate all my veggies and the seasoning was perfect.

For dessert we had to choose between the crousti-choco or the Fall board.

The crousti-choco was made with kirsch, confit cherries and coconut. It was presented with a sweep of chocolate, some vanilla ice cream, and gold flakes. Presentation wise it was beautiful. When I dived my spoon in it the cake gave just enough resistance from being so rich but just enough softness from being so moist. With the vanilla ice cream the combination was perfect. I was in heaven.

The Fall board was declined in 12 flavors. The waitress named them all but no one could remember what they were. It was mesmerizing and intriguing. All those colors, textures and shapes on a slate board. Though interesting to look at and delicious (from what I've been told) it was a bit awkward and startling to eat. Sort of like "Uhm, where do I start? What do I pair this with? It is okay to use my fingers?" You know, the important questions.

Overall our experience at Decca 77 was extremely pleasurable and obviously delicious. The service was just okay, not fast nor slow, though we did stuff ourselves with bread at the beginning because we hungry as fuck when we got in. Oh, and they served bread twice, which was nice. The waitress was very nice, professional, and polite. The light and noise settings were sort of low, which is good for a romantic supper or just a quiet quality time with friends. I know the pictures are pretty clear, but that's because I have managed to find the perfect settings on my camera. Seriously if you had seen the kind of light I had to work with, you would understand how proud I am of those pictures. But anyways.

So do I recommend Decca 77? Yes I do. They have a bunch of foodie events and specials you should look out for. I highly suggest you go like their Facebook page to stay up to date (they also have contests from time to time).

And so that's it for today! Until next time!

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