Friday, January 30, 2015

Régine Café

Hi guys! A while after I had come back from France I went to have brunch with Rio and Louise at Régine Café. Though I had already caught up with Rio, I hadn't seen Louise in a while and I wanted to know how the graduate designer life was treating her as well. We got there around 12pm on a Saturday so it was already packed with people. The wait was worth it though.

Since the place was full we sat down at the bar, which we didn't mind honestly because it was just the three of us. Also, I really enjoy looking at the waiters or busboys working, see the espresso machine making coffee, look at where they store their cream and juice ... you know, kinda like the behind-the-scenes of things. And yes I really enjoy talking to the employees as well.

So our waiter served us some carrot shooters. It wasn't sweetened so it was sort of tart, but you know, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, things shouldn't be too sweet! Rio ordered a glass of freshly squeezed OJ.

The thing I liked while looking at the menu was there weren't too many choices ... thus making a choice was easier! Actually there are a lot of items, but there aren't too many brunch items and lunch items. Louise went for lunch while Rio and I decided to get brunch. Which, really, is like almost the same thing.

Rio ordered a Chic Croissant : croissant, scrambled eggs, pulled ham, old cheddar, spinach sauce.

Served on a white plate, it came with beans, mashed potato, and fresh fruit. I have to admit that makes a lot of starch on just one plate, but the beautiful contrast made by the spinach sauce when you pour it over the croissant makes you forget about the amount of calories you're about to ingest. And they're delicious calories anyway.

Louise ordered an Effiloché : pulled ham sandwich, sautéed leek, Île-aux-Grues old cheddar.

Served on a wooden board, it came with a cabbage and beet salad, and an arugula and cherry tomato salad.

Tried a bite and it was pretty good! I don't eat bread much ... because I don't like bread. And I don't like bread because I'm very difficult with bread. Makes sense, right? But that one was actually the right texture. Rustic and sorta chewy. I think meat sandwiches shouldn't be made with fluffy bread. Unless it's banh mi. Fluffy is good for banh mi.

For my part, I ordered a Grilled Cheese : Île-aux-Grues old cheddar, caramelized onions, walnut and pistachio bread, mango chutney ... and YES I asked to add confit duck. Just because I could. And because duck.

Served on a wooden board, it came with mashed potato, a green salad, and fresh fruit.

How was it? It was awesome. The duck and cheese melting into my mouth while I chew on this delicious crunchy bread. And well, the mango chutney had just the right amount of sweetness for this mix of old cheddar and confit duck. Honestly this was the first time I had duck and cheese together. Duck has this delicious flavor that can be easily ruined by whatever you decide to put on your plate. Just like filet mignon or lamb. But strangely it was just right. Duck confit gets a more intense duck flavor and so the old cheddar didn't overpower it.

Really just look at this beauty.

So do I recommend Régine Café? I do! The decor is pretty cool and thought to its littlest details, the waiters are smiling and adorable, the service is fast, the ambiance is relaxed, laid back and lively ... and the food? Awesome.

Next time you wanna have brunch, go to Régine Café. It's totally worth it.

And so that's it for today. Until next time!

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