Friday, December 12, 2014

Lyon; Thê' Vân

Hi guys! This is probably the last restaurant of Lyon I'll be reviewing ... not because I haven't been to more places, but because I don't have a camera attached to my body yet (I will include it to the design of a better me, along with a mechanical arm). While looking through my pictures I realized it was the only material left I haven't shared with you guys yet. So let's do this!

As you guys might now know I had become a fan of the Chinatown because it reminded me of home. The boyfriend was craving for pho so we went to Thê' Vân because it didn't look too commercial and because I didn't feel like going to La Jonque d'Or again. Besides he's not as picky as I am when it comes to pho.

When we got in we thought it was a bit dark inside : the windows aren't too big and so there isn't much natural light coming in. The materials and colors chosen for the decor make the restaurant look more chic than your regular Asian place, and also more intimate.

When we sat down the waiter greeted us with glasses of water and shrimp chips. Shrimp chips! Haven't had those in such a long time. It's 1:39AM right now and I am wishing there was such a thing as 24/7 Asian markets.

I saw there were spring rolls on the menu so I obviously ordered some. I don't know why but out of three Vietnamese restaurants I had tried in France only one had spring rolls ... Nems (cha gio) are pretty common though.

I was happy those had a lot of shrimp (compared to some places here), not too much noodle or lettuce. The sauce had peanut chunks but it was a bit runny.

We also ordered pho dac biet (meatballs, cooked steak, rare steak).

The boyfriend got luckier than me. While most of my steak had cooked in the broth, he had quite a few pieces that were bloody rare. The broth was good, not as clear as what I'm used to, perhaps even a little salty. The portion was also good (though it did knock us out, but that's just what pho does). The boyfriend was really happy and it satisfied his craving. Me, I was not convinced. But just like La Jonque d'Or, it's not bad pho, it's just different to what I'm used to.

So if the only place you know for pho is La Jonque d'Or, give Thê' Vân a try. The ambiance is not the same but the quality is very similar. I would say that even the presentation looks a bit better. Unfortunately for me I didn't have the rare steak I wanted, perhaps because the broth was too hot when they poured it over.

And so that's it for today. Until next time!

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