Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ibiza; Cappuccino Grand Cafe

Hi guys! On our last evening in Ibiza we decided to have dinner at the marina. Honestly we were not motivated enough to go eat in the old town and we thought the restaurants by the marina looked good.

So we gave the Cappuccino Grand Cafe a try. We walked by it everyday and it looked rather nice. The prices not so much, but more affordable than the other places in the marina.

So we sat down. Our waiter spoke at least three languages (Spanish, English, French). Not too well for the French part but just enough to get our attention and make us laugh. We screened down the menu and saw it was featuring flavors from around the world (even maki rolls). So no Spanish food this time, which was fine honestly.

For my part, I ordered a bottle of water (yes, because wine was expensive and there is no such thing as a glass of tap water over there) and a red Thai curry. It came with a side of noodles (like ramen but not in soup). Pictures were taken with my cellphone.

The ingredients were not typically Thai, as you can see. It was a mix of whole cherry tomatoes, asparagus, red bell pepper, and chicken, in a red curry soup (runnier than what I'm used to). The ramen was good enough, really tasted like the stuffs I would make at home when I don't feel like cooking, and I would dip it in the curry from times to times. Overall it was not spicy enough to my liking, but the textures and flavors were very present and interesting. Everything was fresh. The presentation though was kinda weird. A side of noodles? What's this? We don't eat noodles as a side dish! I guess I would have been less disturbed if I had a side of white rice instead, but this is not my house and they do whatever pleases them. What I didn't quite like was that, for that kind of place and the kind of price we pay, they could at least invest in real chopsticks.

Amal ordered a coke and tika masala chicken. It came with white rice and a spoon of sour cream.

She doesn't like spicy stuffs (and usually Indian food is) but apparently that was good for her. It was the first time she tried tika masala and she really liked it.

Nicole decided to have a chèvre salad. It was basically a grilled piece of chèvre (the cheese, not the actual animal) on an arugula salad, with a balsamic vinaigrette and grilled red bell pepper. It also came with two toasted pieces of baguette.

She said it was delicious. And I believe her. You can tell by the look of it that everything seemed balanced out, from textures to flavors. The cool thing with chèvre is that it's got such a strong taste that you don't have to go overboard with the remaining of the plate. I have to admit the reason why I don't eat salad at restaurants is because they're not filling enough ... but that's because I'm a pig. Nicole was very happy with her choice and it filled her without being heavy.

Overall our experience was pretty good. The waiter was lovely. The people around were well behaved. The service was fast enough. We would look at the sun setting down by the window while talking about our relationships and the plane we had to take the morning after.

So do I recommend the Cappuccino Grand Cafe? I do, actually. Obviously the culinary experience is not over the top and it's not Spanish specialties, but everything, from the food to the people themselves was good. And yes, for a restaurant by the marina of Ibiza, it's actually affordable.

So that's it for today! Until next time!

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