Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dublin; Glendalough

Hi guys! On my third day in Dublin I went hiking with my aunt and my cousin in Glendalough, Wicklow. We booked a tour with one of those companies in downtown which basically offers you a ride in the countryside. Some of these tours can be a whole day long. The one we took was half a day. We were lucky because it was the only day of my stay during which it wasn't raining.

As we were getting there the driver would tell us stories of Ireland. As we went past some landmarks we would learn a lot about Dublin and its surroundings. Our first stop was the Monastic Site with Round Tower.


From the Monastic Site you will find trails that will lead you to the Upper lake. Wicklow is known for being the valley of two lakes. It's a very popular destination for both tourists and locals. Whether you feel like tiring off your legs with a good hike (there are many trails and that one is actually the shortest) or just chilling with your family by one of the lakes Wicklow is the perfect place for that.

Once you get out of Dublin, sheep are everywhere. Just. Everywhere. I swear I felt like taking one home. I'm pretty sure no one would have realized one was missing.

The Upper lake is a beautiful quiet piece of landscape. The water is so clear you see the rocks covering the bottom from far.

So we sat there for a while, talking, enjoying the quietness. My cousin was trying to play with the toddler in the picture above. It was a Polish family and they didn't get anything of what he was saying with his Irish accent.

After a while it was time to go back to the mini bus. The driver had told us to be back by a certain time. This time the next stop was Lough Tay. On our way there we saw the landscapes where many movies, such as Brave Heart, have been filmed.

Lough Tay is known for being the "black lake". It's part of lands that belong to the Guinness Family. Because of its dark waters and its white sand, the lake resembles a pint of Guinness. So for fun people say that's where the water used to brew the Guinness comes from. Actually it doesn't but it's still funny. And the driver assured us the water didn't taste like Guinness.

Down there we could see the set for the series Vikings. Obviously some of my friends were totally jealous when I told them about it. Too bad I didn't bring my zoom lens, I could have gotten a closer view on the set.

After that we went back downtown, all sleeping in the car. If you guys go to Dublin for a few days I suggest you actually spend at least an afternoon or a whole day in the countryside. The landscapes are just so beautiful. The tour itself is sort of expensive, but the cool thing in Dublin is they have student discounts on almost everything.

And so that's it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures of Wicklow and will have the chance to visit it.

Until next time!

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