Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ibiza; Bar Flotante

Hi guys! The Hotel Argos Ibiza (where we were staying) is located on the Talamanca beach, and is separated from the old town by the marina. One evening we had to eat but didn't want to go back in town nor spend too much money so we tried this little restaurant by the beach.

Nothing fancy, plastic chairs, people looked like locals. We thought eh, why not?

So we sat down and looked at the menu, which was surprisingly inexpensive. Because we had been having a craving for fish and seafood (damnit we're surrounded by sea we have to have fish) that's what we went for. Pictures were taken with my cellphone.

So we ordered sardines with a herb and olive oil dressing.

The sardines were actually okay, though I think they would have been better if they had been grilled on an actual barbecue and if their skin was much crispier.

We obviously ordered tortilla de patata, because one of the girls was obsessed with it.

It was ... meh. I found it was too eggy and chewy to my liking. Honestly I have tried one of my colleague's tortilla de patata and it's like ... ten times better than what I had tried in Ibiza. Also that one was sorta bland.

Our order also came with garlic shrimp, which were basically cooked in olive oil with garlic in a cast iron skillet. That one for some reason was very simple and I actually liked it for its simplicity. The size of the shrimp though (I remember it being the priciest meal among our orders) was quite disappointing. I had imagined something bigger, or shrimp on the shell. Oh well.

We also had a grilled calamari, that came with the same herb and olive oil dressing as the sardine.

I was actually kind of impressed by the calamari (compared to the other plates), because it wasn't overcooked nor undercooked. The salad that came with it though was very disappointing because it looked like a bunch of stuffs thrown in together. Honestly I do not know what Spanish eat in a salad, but in all cases, wherever you are, if your restaurant serves salad, please make it 1. pleasing to the eyes, 2. practical to eat, and 3. actually enjoyable. Gosh. What's the point of paying for a salad I don't even feel like eating? This is a problem all around the world it seems.

Overall, the whole thing was rather cheap but eh, you get what you pay for. It wasn't bad, but for a restaurant that's like almost into the waters of Talamanca beach, that was rather disappointing.

Other than that the staff was actually nice, and I liked how nothing was pretentious or fancy. And yes, we had paper aprons that were actually maps of Ibiza. That was cute.

So if you feel like being cheap and don't mind having half your plate wasted by crappy French fries or a salad that could use some more loving, or if you're having a sudden fish craving at 9pm, I guess you can actually stop by this place if your hotel or your apartment is not far from Talamanca beach. Other than that it's not that worth it.

So that's it for today. Until next time!

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