Monday, August 4, 2014

Zürich; By the lake

I remembered the lake from my previous trip. Lucky me, my couch surfing host lived right in the center. I could take the tram from his place to go to the lake or simply walk there. Zürich is such a small city that it doesn't take long to get to the lake.

During my stay I spent a lot of time in the old city built around the lake and the train station. From what I've seen I think the real estate around the lake must be quite high, with so many mansions, big churches, the opera ... anyway, you'll see by yourself in this post!

On the second day of my stay I went for a walk with my host. We went up a hill and had a nice view on the east side of the city (by east side I mean the side that's on the east of the river that goes into the lake). He said "From up here everything looks like toys". And it did.

Just look at the tram! It really looks like a toy!

When you go down to the river you realize how close you can be to the water. To me it was just perfect. Some stores actually have their main entrance on this tiny piece of sidewalk between the buildings and the river. I would just sit there and let my feet swing right above the water.

Remember that bridge? That's between das Fraumünster and das Grossmünster.

The view on das Fraumünster from the side of das Grossmünster.

And that's when you go up the stairs to go to das Grossmünster. Look at those pastel colors, the calm water, the tiles on the sidewalk ...

YOH I'MA SMACK YOU IN THE FACE. Sorry. This funny sculpture of a boy with a bird is on the north shore of the lake, basically where the river goes into the lake. Now that I think about it I don't remember if rivers go into lakes or if it's the other way around ...

I don't know if these are the Lindt headquarters, but this building is located right by the lake.

On the east side of the lake there is a tram station (actually there are trams all over the place near the lake). This water fountain is right there, chilling, in the middle of a tram station roundabouts. It's beautiful but so badly placed. I don't know how to explain this, but cars have to go around the tram stop, making the nearby environment kind of a clusterfuck for pedestrians.

This is the Opernhaus Zürich, or house of the opera. The gigantic public place is used in the summer for activities such as shows or festivals.

I bought a postcard with a picture of the opera for a friend and his girlfriend. Yep, the guy is an opera singer.

If you walk by the lake starting from the Opernhaus you'll find a nice sidewalk with many benches on which people sit to have lunch or to drink. Closer to the tram station there are cafes, restaurants, and sausage (wurst) booth. I didn't try any sausage because they were quite pricey (actually everything in Switzerland is damn expensive).

More views of the buildings by the river. This time the west side.

Just look at this Dolce & Gabbana store. Like. Damn gurl. One day I will be able to afford to do my shopping there.

Swiss made products, apparently a lot of tourists are brought there. And who says tourists also says expensive stuffs for no reason. Still, the main entrance was on the river and not on the street side, which I thought was really cool.

This hotel has its own little dock. Maybe their offer tours to their clients and drop them off at the hotel that way? I don't know. If they do, it's a great idea.

On one of my walks by the lake (how many times did I end up going to the lake without knowing it?) I saw this fountain that I certainly did not forget. Only this time it sort of looked pitiful because it was winter.

What are these I don't even ... why are they so big? What's in there? A Swiss bank? A hotel? Deluxe condos? Lindt's mansion? You tell me, because I was impressed by the hugeness and beauty of these places. And yes they face the lake.

But the lake is not just the neighborhood of churches, Dolce & Gabbana, das Opernhaus, Lindt, and huge places which I won't even try to guess the value. On the west side there is an important linear park where you can find saunas, ducks (hell of a lot of ducks), tracks, kinder playground, etc. There's an Ironman that actually takes place in Zürich and part of it is in the park and lake (I'm guessing the swimming part has to be in the lake).

Anyways. I started feeling hungry so I walked back to the east side to grab something to eat. The river actually arrives in two parts at the north side of the lake.

This clock right here actually works. It's usually decorated with flowers but I guess it was too cold for that yet.

You can see a wurst booth from here. And that's where I sat with my host the first day I got there to eat a delicious sandwich.

And so that's it for today! I hope you guys will enjoy spending time by the lake as much as I did both times I was in Zürich. If you ever go. Which you should, by the way. Until next time!

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