Sunday, August 10, 2014

Zürich; Bahnhofstrasse and other pretty things

Hi guys! Last post about Zürich and I swear I won't talk about it anymore. Actually no, I'd better not swear just in case. This post will be dedicated to Bahnhofstrasse, or as Wikipedia puts it, Zürich's main downtown street and one of the world's most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues.

Bahnhof means station, while Strasse means street. Basically it means Station Street, and it goes from the train station all the way to the lake. The whole street is exclusively reserved for pedestrian use and for the tram : no car is allowed.

Unfortunately for me it rained most of the time and I didn't want to look too weird with my camera so I don't have many pictures of that street. Still, here are some shots I snapped as well as a few pictures from the surroundings or randomly taken in the city.

The train station is quite open on the sides but the main official entrance is located in a building right next to a tram station (where most trams of Zürich meet).

When you get out of the train station you see Bahnhofstrasse right away. On the left you have Davidoff of Geneva and on the right Swarovski.

Walking towards the lake.

The stores can be quite small and occupy some quite old buildings. Others can be huge, several floors high and located in modern buildings. Or just huge old buildings.

This specific store had animated figures walking on the windows. I think it reflected well what people do on that specific street : they walk to meet people, to go some place, for shopping, or just because they feel like walking.

Bahnhofstrasse isn't just about high end shopping. It's also connected to lovely streets that give direct access to the older parts of the city. Obviously these streets also feature restaurants and high end boutiques.

When you walk in the modern streets nearby Bahnhofstrasse you come across interesting sights and finds. Some of them are located in places that would be considered as backstreets but actually serve as pedestrian connections between streets.

Some building complexes in the neighborhood are also quite impressive.

Not quite in the neighborhood of Bahnhofstrasse but of my host, a few surprises would wait for me on the corners of streets. I'm going to finish off this post with a few random shots I took on my way to the train station the morning I left.

And so this concludes this series of posts about Zürich. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Until next time!

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