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I was looking through my older posts when I realized (with horror) that I did not blog about the time I had breakfast at Fabergé. No, I am not talking about the famous jewel eggs (though part of the restaurant's concept was inspired by them) but about a brunch and breakfast joint in Montreal, more precisely in the Mile-End. Why am I shocked I haven't blogged about this? Because I went there with Rio and Sophie quite a long time ago. It was about two weeks before I left Quebec to go to France. I was looking through my blog folder on my drive and realized I had kept those pictures for the purpose of posting them but never did. So here we go!

First when you get in, the restaurant looks modern and yet feels warm. The design and the arrangement of the furniture give the modern look to the place while the materials and colors give the warm touch. There is a television displaying cartoons in an area closer to the window and less cluttered, perfect for families. Closer to the kitchen/bar side the tables and benches are arranged in a way that every group that comes there for breakfast has enough intimacy.

Our waiter came, all smiling and energetic, to take our drink orders and tell us a bit more about the menu. I didn't see any hot chocolate on the menu but asked for one anyway (I mean, they must have hot chocolate, right?) and got this beautiful glass of warm milk topped with whipped cream and a side of fresh ganache. The waiter told me to make a small hole in the whipped cream and pour my ganache into it then stir.

I liked how it wasn't very sweet. I think we're too used to those pre-made hot chocolate mixes that turn your milk (or worse, water) into a dark sugary mixture.

Rio and Sophie both ordered Le Massif, a specialty dish. It's basically three eggs with bacon, ham, sausage, fèves au lard, and creton. Served with a cup of fruits and potatoes, it also comes with a choice of crêpes or pain doré.

They found their plates very filling and delicious. Everything was so simple but so well done. I know the potatoes are brown, but they were very soft and had no burnt edges. And just look at those eggs! Don't they look perfect?

For my part I had the Enfumé benedicts. Basically two poached eggs on smoked salmon and cream cheese, topped with hollandaise sauce and served on an English muffin. They also come with a cup of fruits and potatoes.

The whole thing was fat and rich (I really have a thing for fat rich foods, don't I?) and the poached eggs were perfect. I'm difficult when it comes to smoked salmon and I remember this one had the right texture (not mushy, not crumbly), perhaps a tiny bit saltier than I wished for (but that's just me, I don't add salt to my food). Obviously I felt like a pig eating all those heavy foods together but at least I felt good for the rest of the day.

The service at Fabergé is excellent : the waiters are funny, really nice, the service is fast enough but not rushed, the ambiance is calm even when it's full ... I would totally go back to this place for breakfast. And I obviously recommend it.

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