Thursday, July 31, 2014

Zürich; Churches and clockwork

About two weeks after I went to Marseille I decided to take the train to Zürich, in Switzerland. I had been there before when I was sixteen (which is eight years ago) because one my aunts lived there with her husband and their son. This time I wanted to see it again but with my grown up eyes (and mostly my urban planner eyes).

It rained most of the time and I went out two nights, so the pictures I took (when I could) are kind of disorganized. This time I am going to go with themes, the first one being churches and clockwork. Now in Europe churches are just everywhere. But in Zürich (and most probably everywhere in Switzerland) they feature huge golden clocks. Now who's talking about stereotypes here?

Zürich is pretty much a small German speaking city. While Geneva is where all the politics and international relations take place, Zürich is the city of banks and wealth. There is no subway but there are a lot of trams. Anyway this city is so small you can easily walk around without getting your feet too tired (unless you're wearing terrible small boots like I did).


Most churches in the historic portion near the lake have public places. Some of them were unfortunately also used as parking lots which, I guess, is sort of convenient but I found would ruin everything.

This very cute building is a restaurant in the old city.

The view on das Grossmünster from das Fraumünster. They are only separated by a small bridge.

I was about to cross the bridge when I saw this. I totally fell in love with the balcony.

This church right here, das Fraumünster, is also called the Chagall church because it features stained glass artworks by Marc Chagall, the father of fauvism.

Replica of the Grossmünster.

Ran into this little guy right here, proudly protecting his water fountain.

A cow on the first floor of a traditional Swiss restaurant. Stereotypes much?

I kept walking further east, not really knowing where I was going but still snapping pictures nonetheless.

This building in particular looked totally different from everything I had seen so far in Europe.

Stairs to go from one side to the other of the train station. Cool huh?

It started raining but I saw this building and thought to myself I'd like to live in it.

Another church in another part of the city on a way too sunny day. Switzerland weather, guys!

And so that's it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed some of the churches of Zürich. Until next time!

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