Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lyon; Best Bagels

Hi guys! Today's post will be a short one about a bagel shop I discovered thanks to the boyfriend while I was in Lyon. Best Bagels is basically an American grocery store as well as a bagel shop. The bagels are so stuffed that, for the price you pay, you don't want to buy a baguette sandwich from the bakery for lunch anymore. Why? Because it's basically the same price, but twice better.

The first time I went I had a Decadent Bacon : double bacon, red onion, tomato, lettuce, peanut butter, cream cheese, and pickles.

The second time I came back with a friend and treated him out. I had the Alaska Fire : Magic chicken, red onion, jalapeño, tomato, cream cheese, and bbq sauce.

My bagels was spicy (Magic chicken is basically spicy chicken) but perhaps I should have asked for some extra jalapeño or some Tabasco sauce. But I can never tell in advance whether something is going to be spicy or not.

I'm sorry for the picture quality : we were sitting outside on the Saône's docks and the sun was blasting us with its killer rays.

My friend had trouble choosing because there were too many options to choose from, but he had a Bacon Bagel : bacon, lettuce, red onions, bbq sauce (he didn't want tomatoes because he can't stand them).

The bagels were not as good as St-Viateur's bagels (I mean seriously, they're the best in the world) but they were fine (much better than the ones you get from the grocery store). Depending on what's inside some are more filling than others (like mine was more filling than my friend's and he helped me finish it, but he's a big guy anyways).

Honestly if I have to choose between a regular sandwich and this, I'd go for this anytime. You can also get some American style dessert (cheesecake or doughnut), a side of nachos, you know, American stuffs! The place is also a restaurant so you can stay inside to eat, as well as a grocery store. We saw some stuffs we were sort of missing (like Reese's peanut butter cups) and realized how American culture hasn't done too much of a breakthrough in Europe ... it's a good thing I guess, right?

Do I recommend Best Bagels? I do! The staff is nice, the prices are fine (but honestly we bought a big bottle of juice at Casino because we're just smart), the selection is wide enough, and the place is actually nice. But mostly, the food is good (real bacon, not the thin crap French people eat).

For more information on Best Bagels :

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