Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Strasbourg; Random roaming

While in Strasbourg we mostly walked with the no-plan plan (basically just randomly walk around until our feet give up). The following post is just a collection of pictures I have taken then and there.

After we went to the Cathedral, our host suggested we meet up with him at the Université de Strasbourg so he can show us a view on the city.

So we walked on the Boulevard de la Victoire to get there.

The view from the chemistry tower on the city. Apparently the cathedral can be seen from quite far, depending on where you are in Alsace (mostly on the mountains).

On our way back home we came across the Place de la République. Where ... I don't know what happens there actually.

Look at their super futuristic looking tram! It's funny to see something like that in a city that features mostly German, French, classic, and Gothic architecture.

This funny looking boat is a touristic attraction. You basically get a commented tour of the city for I don't know how much ... We didn't want to do it but I'm one of those persons who like being on boats. But yeah I have to admit it's a very kitsch thing to do.

From what our host told us, apparently those two houses are the oldest still standing in the city. I unfortunately don't remember around what year they were built ... shame on me.

We were on our way to the Parc de l'Orangerie when I saw this house and thought the design was really nice and outstanding, particularly with the big open room upstairs.

Some art museum or art center across the river. We sat down to play a game of cards.

The wind was blowing and rain started dripping so we walked to the tram station near the European Parliament. I found the glass building very interesting, with the covered bridge going across the river. I don't know why, but not only did I perceive a very strong modern gesture in the design, but also a desire of transparency, as in, we have nothing to hide from you, you can even see our employees walking in and out, going about, working in their offices, etc.

So I guess that's it for today! It was quite a long random post and I've been on it for two days now, starting it while waiting for my plane to go to Dublin. It seems the free wifi at Lyon's airport sucks balls pretty hard. All the changes I tried to make after could not be saved. Sigh.

It sort of sucks that I don't have any picture of the Place Kléber or the Place de l'Homme de Fer, because we either saw them at night or when it was raining. But it's okay. I can't show you guys everything anyways. Until next time!

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