Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Marseille; Day 1

Hi guys! Back in March I went to Marseille with my friend Marie-Eve, where we have a friend living there for the semester because he's an exchange student in Aix-en-Provence. We took the TGV and when we got there we fetched a map from the Information desk and started walking towards the Old port.

This is the view we got when getting out of the St-Charles train station.

Some Arc de triomphe we came across by accident while looking for the way to the Old port.

We randomly saw this church in the distance and started walking towards it. We decided to visit the Cathedral Saint-Marie-Majeure, also called "pajamas" church because of its black and white stripes.

There was a lot of construction work all around it. Apparently the City is working on a new public place to make the whole Old port and new museums ensemble better linked together. For now they just look like different sets that have nothing to do with each other.

We had amazing views on the Mediterranean Sea, the new museums, the forts ... oh and that's when we discovered Marseille is a FREAKING WINDY city. Damnit. By the way I got my hair cut not long after we got back.

We saw some kitsch tourist train that offered two circuits : one around the town and the other one around the old part of the city. We took the latter and our driver was really funny because he realized we were Canadians. I don't know why but people seem to like Canadians.

I didn't take pictures during the tour because I can't stand taking pictures while moving ... or with a vehicle frame all around the picture.

When we got to the subway station Vieux Port, we saw this huge mirror just hanging above the public place.

Our friend lives near the subway station Cinq Avenues Longchamp. Though we didn't take the subway because we felt like walking around a bit more and get to know the city better. Oh, and we got into a totally Maghreb like market street. Like. We thought we were in Algeria or Morocco. Anyways! The Palais Longchamp looked totally beautiful at night.

The Palais Longchamp has a garden and kinder park in the back. It's also two museums : beaux arts and natural history. According to my friend Gabriel, it was built to celebrate the construction of the Marseille canal and thus solving the problem of providing water to the constantly expanding city. Yay guys we got water! Now let's waste it!

Finally we got to Gabriel's place and went out to get a bottle of wine, some stuffs for breakfast, and a tartiflette pizza.

Gosh were we hungry.

So that's it for today folks! Some more is coming about my trip to Marseille. I hope you enjoy it so far!

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