Saturday, May 17, 2014

Strasbourg; Petite France

Hi guys! Back in February I went to Strasbourg, in Alsace, with two friends. We stayed at a guy's place, a student in architecture, who lives with two other students in architecture. Since they were not far from the Petite France, the first and second day we spent a lot of time there.

The Petite France is basically located not far from the train station, it is mostly closed to motorized circulation, a river goes through it and it features buildings with an architecture of German inspiration.

Picture time!

Most of the pictures were taken on the first day, while walking along the river. We had also spotted the Ponts Couverts, which we came back to on the second day.

Here's a nice view of the Ponts Couverts from the Barrage Vauban.

The next one is a view of the Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg.

I've always been fascinated with cities built so close to the water, where you can see and sense a deep relationship between the buildings, bridges, the river, etc. Instead of trying to avoid it and see it as a problem we work with it.

The next pictures are mostly randoms from walks. It rained a few times during our stay so whenever I could I tried to snap as many pictures as possible.

This building is so thin!

Apparently if you like gingerbread, Mireille Oster is THE place to go. Or so I've heard. I haven't tried myself.

So that's it for this quick tour of Strasbourg! Once again I am sacrificing some precious *cough*cough* hours of studying so I can provide you guys with news and pictures ... okay I'll just say it, I'm not in the mood for studying. Oh well.

Until next time!

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