Friday, May 23, 2014

Strasbourg; Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

While I was in Strasbourg I visited the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, well known for its pink hue rocks (sandstone from the Vosges) and its asymmetrical form. It's also one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture.

Located on the central island of Strasbourg, basically in the pedestrian part of the city, it's pretty easy to spot and it can be seen from far. Can't locate yourself on the map? Just look for the cathedral and you'll know where you are.

So we got there and the cathedral is surrounded by a public space that, surprisingly, is not to scale with the cathedral. Usually, important buildings, and especially churches, have an important public space in front in order to welcome the most people possible. For the size of this cathedral (both on the ground and in height) I found the front space rather small.

Please don't mind the big white spot ... it's a raindrop.

It was unfortunately pretty much impossible to photograph the cathedral in whole with my camera. Then we got in and were overtaken by a feeling of extreme peace.

As you can see the inside is pretty dark. Every side features enormous stained glass artworks and some "rooms" are closed or contain artworks that need to be restored.

In one of the rooms there was a complex artwork featuring a clock. I didn't quite get what the whole thing was about, but there it is anyway.

More pictures of the inside of the cathedral, though I have to admit some stuffs were creeping me out.

What really mesmerized me the most was the organ. It was enormous and beautiful, and when you get in, the angle from which you perceive it makes it look like it's just floating in the air. I increased the light sensitivity to brighten up the whole scene but it was in fact much darker than that inside, making the plated gold stand out even more.

After having seen pretty much everything we went outside and took a look at the south face before heading to another place.

See? The south tower was never built, giving the cathedral its interesting look.

Oh, hey, what's that?

Erm what?

The cathedral seemed to be going under a lot of renovation, which is understandable. You know, things tend to get older with time.

It was kind of raining, like Mother Nature was teasing us or something. Here, have just enough drops to bother you but not enough to ruin your day and make you have to spend it indoors. Sigh. My poor camera lens didn't quite like this.

And so that's it for today! Right now it's 3:45am in France. I made the mistake of taking a nap in the afternoon so I thought, well, might as well write a blog entry. See you next time!

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