Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paris; More roaming and L'Envol Québécois

Hey guys! So apparently I wasn't done sharing some of the pictures I took during my trip in Paris. So there we go, my last post about Paris ... for now!

There we go with some randoms from my second day, the same day I went to La Défense. I walked a bit in the neighborhood around Les Halles (subway station Châtelet) ... actually I walked a lot in that neighborhood. I would often come back without knowing it, depending on what I was doing or where I was going. Anyways. Random shots!

I thought this passageway was attractive and interesting, kind of reminding me the one in Lyon that connects rue du Président Édouard Herriot and Place de la République (near the store Printemps). I found interesting stores, mostly specializing in crafts (featuring jacked up prices obviously).

I wanted to visit the Halles because they are considered a very interesting urban project for its architecture and uses. Unfortunately they were undergoing important renovations so all I could do was walk around the construction site.

Since it was lunch time a lot of people were just sitting around, having a break, and eating. I felt like seeing something else so I started walking towards the subway.

Oh look! A Sephora! I found the building itself was more interesting than its content, though I have to admit I am now addicted to Sephora.

I had to restrain myself from going shopping! But really I found this street was so lively with all its stores. I guess that was when I took the subway to go to La Défense, which I already talked about in a previous post.

On the third day of my stay, two of my friends who were in Paris at the time for a show and I decided to hang out together. We tried to go to the Catacombes but it was a little too late when we got there and the line was freakishly too long. So guess where we went?

Someone very famous once took a picture from that place.

We had to cross the Seine by taking the bridge d'Iéna.

Getting closer ...

And the world record for most photographed monument on Earth goes to ...

Yeah that's right. We did the most touristic thing a tourist can do in Paris. And look at all those people taking pictures of or with the Eiffel tower.

Oh, and that very famous person I was talking about?

I don't like taking pictures of myself but if Adolf Hitler posed with the Eiffel tower with no shame then there's no reason why I wouldn't do the same, right? So obviously my friends and I did the same. There are two pictures of me that I find came out great.

Set this one as a Facebook profile picture for a while ...

... but I like this one better. I just wanted to show off my heart shirt haha.

We stayed there for a while. Fooled around with an old man who was having fun scaring people off. Took more pictures of the Trocadéro and the plaza on the ground level. The sun was setting down fast so we had the chance to see the Eiffel tower with all its lights.

Seriously that thing is huge.

We started getting tired of the Eiffel tower (and the flock of souvenirs salesmen following us around). After waiting about 45 minutes to go to the bathroom, we went to a bar, L'Envol Québécois, because we've heard about it from some friends. We were curious and gave it a try.

As we sat down we studied the interior decor. There were so many Quebec references I felt things couldn't get more quebecer than that.

Hey look! It's Montreal!

We ordered some beer. Marie-Eve and I both had a white beer (don't remember which one) and I also had a maple kirsch. Yum!

The cool thing about that place is they also have board games and the beers are actually imported from Quebec. The owner is an actual quebecer who came to France a long while ago. He couldn't find a job as a teacher so he opened a bar instead. And apparently business has been great ever since.

So that's it for today! I'll try to keep you guys updated as often as I can despite the fact that I have to study for my finals ... procrastination always wins over responsibilities I guess.

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