Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lyon; King Marcel

Hi guys! The other day my boyfriend and I went for a walk downtown. He had just gotten back from Brazil and he needed to practice a few songs for his next show. We were also hungry so we looked for some food to take out.

He had heard about a good burger place on rue Mercière (basically a restaurants street open everyday) so we gave it a try. When we got in we liked the American style open grill fast food concept, you know, where the chefs cook right behind the cash register.

Pictures were taken with my cellphone.

The overall concept was really cool. Whether you're ordering to take out or to eat there, the walls are covered with fake old newspapers about the burger company, but also other interesting information, such as beef cuts, how the buns are made, where the beef comes from, etc.

The menu doesn't feature much choices, which is a good thing because they can focus on quality. Every cheese is AOP (appelation d'origine protégée), the beef patty is cooked to your liking, the staff is really nice and the place is overall very clean. Though the first floor might seem small, they have a terrace on the street and 25 seats downstairs.

So we each ordered a burger to take out (11€ each) and a side of French fries (3€). We sat down on the Saône river's docks, devoured our burgers, then started playing guitar (actually the boyfriend did, I just listened).

They were wrapped in cute waxed kraft paper with a little French flag on top.

So my boyfriend ordered a Marcel Proust : beef Charolais, Saint-Marcellin AOP de la Mère Richard, shallots à la lyonnaise, flat parsley. He asked for his patty rare.

I ordered a Marcel Cerdan : beef Charolais, raclette AOP, onions confits, homemade ketchup, bacon, pickles. I asked for my patty rare.

The side of french fries came with homemade ketchup and mustard-mayonnaise.

So the burgers were really good. The buns were slightly toasted, soft, light and fresh. The beef patty was big, ground coarsely with just the right amount of fat and cooked to our liking. The ingredients were flavorful and of good quality. Cheese and juice were oozing all over the place. It was so good we barely talked while eating.

The fries were fine, though they looked wrinkly. Surprisingly the texture was right and they were crispy outside and just salted enough. We didn't try the homemade ketchup (though I had some in my burger and it was delicious) but the mayonnaise was really good.

Overall we thought that 25€ was well spent. This is the kind of place I would go back to just to try every item on the menu. Now that summertime is coming I just want to go out all the time, order some take out and eat on the docks.

Do I recommend King Marcel? Yes I do. Should you go to King Marcel? Yes you should.

For more information : http://www.kingmarcel.fr/

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