Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comme un garçon

About two months ago I did something crazy : I got my hair chopped.

This is most probably the last picture of me with long hair.

But ... why cut that down? Well let's say my hair has not been quite in great shape since I arrived in Lyon. The water here is much calcareous than in Quebec and well the air pollution doesn't help either. At first I thought I was crazy when I realized my hair was turning into hay but my other friends were experiencing the same problem as well. Even with a very nutritious treatment the ends would still look like dead cat hair (and my scalp would get super greasy).

So I had been walking past this very cool hair salon for a while, Underground (9 cours Lafayette, 69006) and at some point I thought : let's do this. Didn't take me too long to make a decision (for once, lulz) but my main arguments were :
1. My hair looks like hay ;
2. It's a lot easier to take care of when you do sports/travel often ;
3. I have a lifetime to let it grow back.

So I went there and took an appointment. There are two guys and one girl. Julie took care of washing my hair upstairs. Hakim asked me how short I wanted my hair, if I had any special request, etc. I told him I wanted it short but how short was up to him, but I wanted to keep my bangs in the front and still be able to style the whole thing without too much hassle. So he studied the shape of my face, my neck, and decided to chop the whole thing really short to emphasize my jawline and my neckline.

So the chopping started. The whole time the team was being funny, nice, and lovely. Hakim is very interested in his customers' stories and listens to them passionately.

So I got my hair cut ... the shortest I ever have. I remember in high school when I went from waist long to shoulder long and I thought that was extreme. But this ...

At first I was kinda shocked but I really liked it. You know, I can't play with my hair the way I used to. I was sort of afraid it would look bad on me but I often pulled my hair up just to see what removing some length would do to me. Also some of my friends told me I'm the kind of person who would surprisingly look good with a shaved head.

But then the shorter you cut your hair the faster it grows back ...

According to Phil, I look like a Pokemon on this picture ...

Freaking Mudkip ...

The past weeks I've been having fun styling it up like that. Obviously the bangs were getting long so I had to use a small hair clip to ensure the whole thing would stay into place.

And yeah, apparently I look like another Pokemon because of the roll ...

Ew ... Clefairy ...

Anyways! Sides and back were getting long so I had to go back to update my hairstyle a bit.

So I went back for a little more chop-chop. Hakim took care of me once again (and even massaged my head because he knew it was the last time he'd get to cut my hair). Once again the team was being awesome, I even got kisses and hugs! I am coming back for sure to say goodbye before leaving.

This time I asked Hakim to cut the bangs shorter so I can style my hair properly. He even went some extra length by cutting in a way that this time my hairstyle will last about four months rather than just two.

And this is what it looks like when I style it.

Not bad, right? Still gotta get used to the new lengths and style the whole thing properly. Now, what do I use to obtain that up-do? Three simple products, a hair dryer and a small toothed comb.

First, dry that hair. You don't want no curl in there. Lucky me my hair doesn't curl at that length but still.

Second, pull your hair back with some wax and blow dry it upright. The wax will create texture while using heat will ensure it stays up (or else it just falls back). I've been using this wax from the new L'Oréal #TXT line.

Be careful not to use the #TXT02 wax. They don't do the same shit. The #TXT01 helps shape your hair while the #TXT02 is used to give that messy look.

When needed I use a comb to comb back or up my hair because sometimes some strands just want to act on their own.

Third, I pull a few strands up that really wanted to act on their own or just to give a little more edge to my hairstyle using this super gel from Schwarzkopf (lesson of German : schwarz means black, Kopf means head, hence the black head logo. You're welcome).

Brand new product. I couldn't resist when I saw the ad on television.

And fourth step, the last one, finish it off with a mist of spray to make sure the whole thing holds properly. You know, just so the wind doesn't flatten it out.

Any spray will work as long as it's made to hold shit right and for a long time.

The cool thing with short hair is I can use a ton of products without damaging my hair too much. The counterpart is I have to wash it almost everyday. But eh, my hair literally dries under a minute now.

So that's it for today! Which is a lot since I'm just talking about my hair ... and those selfies. So many selfies. I hate selfies.

Just for fun, go check out Underground's website and Facebook page :

Also, go have a glance at the new L'Oréal #TXT line :
(The ad was made by awesome Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid)

And another thing to do for fun is watch the ad for Schwarzkopf Taft's new Super Glue Gel :

Until next time!

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