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About two weeks before I left for France two of my coworkers (Charles and Jean-Christophe) and I decided to go to Poutineville so I could enjoy a damn real poutine before leaving. Also I never went to Poutineville before so it was time I gave it a try.

It was a snowy evening, not too cold. The snow was fresh from the day, all white and sparkly. Unfortunately for us the bus was going sorta slow but at least when we got there the place wasn't crowded. A waitress greeted us and invited us to sit.

We went to the restaurant on Beaubien because it was the closest for us. The ambiance is quite nice and cozy and the materials used are mostly stone and wood, reminding me of the inside of a chalet. The waitress handed us the menu and a piece of paper with a pencil. You can either order one of their recipes or make your own poutine. Obviously the prices are not the same but there are so many options that if you really are willing to pay for it then you should go for it.

Now I'm sorry for the crappy pictures because I didn't have my camera that evening, only my cellphone.

Charles ordered the Poutineville (cheese curds, mozzarella, braised beef) but switched the red wine sauce for a 911 sauce. He asked for julienne fries.

Jean-Christophe ordered a Poutineville also, but he asked for crushed potatoes instead of fries.

I ordered a Filet Mignon (filet mignon cubes, mushrooms, onions, blue cheese, cheese curds and pepper sauce). I asked for the regular cut fries.

The poutines were actually quite good. As I have mentioned it many times before, I am very difficult when it comes to french fries. And mostly poutine. There might have been a little too much blue cheese in mine but the fries (in all three plates) were just perfect. We didn't find any burnt nor still slightly raw potato. Jean-Christophe, who comes from Gaspésie and basically finds that all poutines in Montreal taste disgusting, really liked his. The sauces were really good (some places it's too thin, others it's too salty) just thick enough and savory. Our food was warm when it came so the cheese was melting the right way. We all asked for a big portion and had trouble finishing. In my case I had to take a doggy bag.

Now let's talk about the service. One word. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Yes.

For starters, when we sat down and the waitress gave us the menu, she came back two minutes later to take our orders. Obviously we weren't ready yet so we asked her if she could come back in a little while. She came back fifteen minutes later. Our food came another fifteen minutes later, which wasn't too bad. When it came though she didn't know who ordered what ... so she just put the plates in front of the wrong customer and we had to switch them between us.

Towards the end, when the guys were done but not me, we waited quite a while to see if she was going to come back but she never did. So we waved at a waiter and asked him for the bills and a doggy bag for my order. So he came back with the bills but didn't take my plate. He was about to go back to wherever he was so we had to ask again for a doggy bag.

Less than two minutes later our waitress comes to us ... and asks us if we needed anything else. We said no, it's fine, we already have our bills and would like to pay. She looked lost but whatever, she made us pay. Then the waiter comes back with my doggy bag.

The whole time my friends and I were laughing internally because we could have just got up anytime and left and no one would have realized or known whether we paid or not.

So do I recommend Poutineville? Yes for the food, hell no for the service. But anyways. The other day I was craving poutine badly. Obviously this is not something you can find in France and even finding the ingredients to make it is hard because they don't have the same cheese as we do and they don't sell gravy (you have to make your own). So I did what I could with what I had.

So I bought some oven french fries that I finished off on a pan to crisp them up and make sure they were hot enough. For the cheese I went with mozzarella since it's the closest here to our cheese curds in term of texture. As for the sauce I went with a pepper one since I actually really like pepper sauce but didn't feel like making gravy. So my craving was satisfied though it isn't the same as back home. Obviously when I'm coming back I'll be eating some damn good poutine.

For more information on Poutineville :

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