Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lyon; Paul, cheese and duck

I see Paul everywhere!

At Gare Part-Dieu.

At Centre commercial Part-Dieu.

On rue de Brest.

These are just the Pauls I have seen on my way home from the health insurance office today. I've been seeing them everywhere since I got here.

But what is Paul? It's a high quality bakery equivalent to Première Moisson in Québec except for the fact that they are everywhere. They basically sell bread, cakes, tarts, pastries, sandwiches, etc. As a joke but mostly out of curiosity I got into one today and bought a baguette and a small king cake (galette des Rois) for a total of 3,75€. It's like in any good bakery : you get in there, tell the cashier what you want, get served, pay and leave.

I never had king cake before because we don't really celebrate the Epiphany in Québec. I was curious because I have seen it being advertised everywhere. And every bakery and market has king cake. So might as well give it a try.

What is king cake? It is a pastry made to celebrate the Epiphany. Its consumption is done a few days before and after the Epiphany, sometimes until the end of the carnival in certain countries. Every country has a different way to make king cake. The one shown above (stuffed flake pastry) is the Parisian one. In Southern France the recipe is apparently different. Many other European and Latin American countries celebrate the Epiphany as well.

Mine was airy and sweet. I could not make out what the filling was, but I managed to taste coconut (among other flavors).

Since it was lunch time when I got home I made myself a small platter of cheese and meat to give the bread a try. Now I don't really eat bread because I am not a fan of it (but mostly because I have trouble digesting it) so I have a feeling my baguette will go stale before I have the time to finish it.

Porc terrine, on sale at 2 for 2,30€ and black olive sausage, at errr something like 5€. I've been eating the sausage over the last three days, so what you see is about half of it.

Blue cheese, 2,65€ and goat cheese, 2,01€.

Dried duck magret, 4,69€ for 90g.

And so this is what I had for lunch along with a glass of wine.

The bread was crispy outside and hard enough to make nice thin slices out of it without losing its shape. The inside was airy and soft, but not soft in a mushy kind of way. Soft in a spongy way. It tasted delicious and it held well when I spread my terrine and cheese on it.

The plate looks big because it's a close-up but it's not actually. And I know I look like I've been pigging out on rich food for the past week but I actually eat salad in the evening to compensate. My appetite hasn't been as big as I thought it would be. It's most probably because I have been eating alone and, well, it kinda sucks.

So that's it for today. If you want more information on Paul (and see the ridiculous amount of Paul bakeries in Lyon) :

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