Monday, January 13, 2014

Lyon; My hood for the next six months

I have been quite busy walking and eating since I have arrived in Lyon. Unfortunately for me the weather hasn't been always nice (rain or fog) so I didn't take my camera with me all the time. Still, since I have been here now for more than 10 days, I think it's time I show a bit of the neighborhood I'll be living in for the next six months.

I live in an appartment in Croix-Rousse, 1er arrondissement. Not close to the University but close to many other attractions and services and located in an old and quiet neighborhood. Actually compared to Montreal wherever you live in Lyon you're close to everything ...

Here is a Google map of my neighborhood.

I'm located where the red star is. Everyday when I go out or come home I have breathtaking views on the old Lyon, downtown, and the Rhône, because Croix-Rousse is a lot more elevated than most of the city. I've compared heights and it's equivalent to living on the top of the Mont Royal.

Here is the view I have when I go out and look south.

And the view I have on the Jardin de la Grande Côte, when I look north.

In order to go to the metro station Croix-Rousse or just to chill in Croix-Rousse I have to go up the stairs of the Jardin de la Grande Côte. I swear by the time I come back to Montreal I'll have an ass of steel.

I made the mistake of running the stairs up before going for a jog the other day. Terrible mistake considering the fact that I haven't worked out in more than a month. My quads and my lungs hate me right now.

Even if going up stairs everyday can be tiring for some, I find the views you have when you're right above the Jardin are totally worth it. Looking south, a bit towards the west, you can see the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière, located in the old Lyon.

If you look straight to the south, you have a nice view on the Saône, the river that separates the old Lyon from the center island.

This is what it looks like in the evening.

The orange light you see on the left is a Ferris wheel at place Bellecour.

Once you have went up the stairs of the Jardin de la Grande Côte, you're on a small public space made especially for gathering and to profit from the elevation and the amazing views.

If you keep walking one more street to the north, you're at place Croix-Rousse (orange star on the map). There is a metro station as well as bars, cafes, and stores.

Now how convenient is that?

Every morning there is the fruit and vegetable market. I go there whenever I can because it is a lot cheaper than buying in groceries. For 5€ I have enough vegetables for three days.

I don't know what this is ... but it caught my eye.

Right next to place Croix-Rousse is place du Gros Caillou (blue star on the map). It offers another view, this time on the Rhône but also on the Alpes. I didn't take photos because of the trees that I find take a lot of space in a picture. Here are some pictures of this public place.

And so that's it for today! Which is a lot actually ... I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour of my neighborhood!

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