Friday, January 3, 2014

Holy cow I'm in Lyon

I haven't blogged in the longest of times. Okay maybe not. This end of semester and the preparations of my stay in another country have taken a lot of my time. I basically had no free time (add work on top of that) and I haven't gone to the gym for quite a while.

But, hey. I'm on vacations. And most of all I'm in mother freaking France for the next six months.

Unfortunately for me it has been raining since my arrival (yesterday at noon) so I haven't used my camera outside yet. I'm still too much of a pussy to take it out when it's raining or snowing (unlike some of my friends that hang around with theirs in the snow or at the basin with no cap on the lens like it's no big deal). This Sunday the weather should be nicer so I'll take some pictures of the surroundings. So far the views are simply amazing. Lyon is definitively my type of city.

Since I can't share with you pictures of the city yet, here is a picture of my first meal when I got here (I had breakfast at 4am on the plane and ate around 4pm).

I got all this for 10€. Obviously I am going to abuse for like ... a month at least. Good food is amazingly cheap here. Wine starts at 3€. You have some very pricey ones also but really, I am very happy with my good 3€ bottle. This sausage was 4€ but I've found some mousse de foie gras at 2,30€ for 200g. Magret de canard was like 5€ for 100g. The cheese ... varies between 2€ and 25€, depending on what you're looking for. But it's very very cheap compared to what you'd pay in Quebec.

Here, the classic close up photo.

The cheese is camembert and the sausage has whole hazelnuts in it. It's quite salty and fat. Since it's a dry sausage I find that adding hazelnuts was maybe too much ... it's like adding more crunch to something that's already sorta hard. The camembert is good and savory but not soft enough to my liking (I like mine dripping all over the place). The wine I won't say anything because I don't know anything ... haha. All I can say is it's comparable to a 13$ bottle in Quebec.

Obviously if I don't start working out I'm going to get fat. Coach won't be too happy about that. I started looking for a gym but it seems French people don't go to the gym. They dance, do martial arts, crossfit, etc., but going to the gym seems like a typical American kind of activity. I've found a very few places, gotta get my ass over there to get a look at the machines and the subscription fees.

I just realized I still don't know what my university looks like. Well, that be can done tomorrow I guess.

Well that's it for today :D I shall have the time for another blog entry tomorrow!

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