Saturday, November 9, 2013

Modavie + Taking foodporn to the next level

An awesome food happening was being held from November 1st to the 11th : Mtl à Table (Taste Mtl). Basically, a bunch restaurants were offering a three course dinner for 19$, 29$ or 39$ (really worth it considering the fact that the main course alone is usually at least 20$). Too bad for me it had to happen during my mid-terms but my friend Daniel asked me if I wanted to try at least one evening with a few other friends. So last Friday we went to Modavie in the Old Port.

When booking up Daniel asked for seats on the second floor. While the first floor looked more like a friendly, chatty, let's hang out after work kind of place, the second floor had a more romantic feel to it ... and live jazz music. It was very funny since we were two singles and three in a relationship ... who came without their respective SO. It was awkward in a funny way.

Live jazz music 

Cute candle on our table

The table d'hôte was 29$.
Entrée : Goat cheese flake pastry with apple compote or fried calamari.
Main course : Oregano lamb chops or Sicilian penne.
Dessert : Maple tiramisu or chocolate fudge cake.

We started off with drinks. Martine and I had wine, Daniel an Americano (Campari, Red Vermouth, soda), Mengyang ordered a blue sangria (for Movember) while Diane drank only water. Mengyang's sangria was very sweet (Blue Curaçao and white wine) but all profits go to the prostate cancer foundation. It's a nice initiative but it's far from being a manly drink.

Movember blue sangria

Then we ordered the food. Obviously we all went "fuck it, let's have meat" so we all asked for the lamb chops. The girls ordered the goat cheese flake pastry while the guys had fried calamari for the entrée.

But first we had bread.

The bread was slightly warm but the butter cold (damnit, when will I get a warm bread and a room temperature butter?). The flax seeds in the bread gave it some crunch. The outside was crispy while the inside was soft and elastic. I usually try not to eat too much bread but I wouldn't have been mad being full on that one.

Goat cheese flake pastry with apple compote

If you have had goat cheese before you know it has a strong and naturally salty taste. The apple compote and berry sauce complimented very well the natural flavors of goat cheese. The ratio of goat cheese for puff pastry was alright (1:1) which is great because I'm used to having way too much puff pastry for not so much filling.

Fried calamari

I'm very difficult when it comes to fried calamari. This one was alright. Seasoning was good, the calamari was tender, even the texture of the batter had the right crisp and held onto the calamari ... but it was a little too oily to my liking. I would have liked it a little bit drier but that's my very own personal taste.

After our plates were cleaned out and taken away we got our lamb chops.

Oregano lamb chops

Each plate had four lamb chops and steamed vegetables (a baby bok choy, a piece of carrot, green zucchini, yellow zucchini, and a few small potatoes). I asked for rare and they got it right. The meat was flavorful, juicy and tender. There was a lot of oregano but lamb has such a strong taste it was actually alright (put this much oregano on beef and you'll ruin it).

Dessert time! We all ordered the maple tiramisu except for Diane who asked for the chocolate fudge cake.

Maple tiramisu 

Chocolate fudge cake

The tiramisu was really sweet and didn't taste too much like maple. Honestly I haven't had enough tiramisu in my life but I could tell that one was good. The texture of every layer was right but I had the feeling only the bottom layer tasted like maple (perhaps because it soaked through the cake). Diane's fudge cake looked good but I didn't dare asking her to try it because she had a cold.

After we were done we stayed to chat a little bit while listening to the band playing that night. Unlike the first floor, the second floor wasn't full so we didn't feel bad staying a little bit. Very honestly we didn't want to leave right away because we didn't want to go back out into the cold.

Overall I was very satisfied. The three courses were filling enough, not to the point where you feel you have to stuff yourself and then start hating yourself (like in Italian restaurants). I would recommend the second floor for a date (if your date likes jazz music) and the first floor for a night out between friends. According to Daniel's aunt, their 5@7 are quite good for both the ambiance and drinks. The service was also satisfying (not fast nor slow) and the waitress and busboy were really nice to us.

Now time to show off some new toy I just got recently. I think my blogging experience will only get more interesting from now on. Yes, I just got a new camera.

Though I bought this camera because I was tired of crappy pictures taken with a compact one (I love compact cameras in broad daylight but other than that it's more frustrating than anything else) I mostly did it because I am going to study abroad in less than two months. I really want to take awesome pictures I can proudly show to my friends and family while I'll be in France for six months.

So that's it for today! Go give Bistro Modavie a try, I think it's really worth it.

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