Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Le Saloon

I love going to the Village. The ambiance is relaxed, there is a lot of entertainment and you just feel free. Last week my friend Ryan booked a few chairs at Le Saloon for his birthday.

It's basically a restaurant/bar/club. The music is loud and danceable, there is a bar downstairs, tables downstairs and upstairs, the lighting is quite low, the waiters are hot, etc. If you know L'Assommoir Notre-Dame in the Old Port, picture a kind of gay version of it. I unfortunately didn't think about taking pictures of the place itself.

The first four pages of the menu are basically drinks. Then you have the food. All kinds of food. Tartares, fried stuffs, Asian cuisine, Quebecer cuisine, salads, burgers, etc. They have whatever suits your taste buds.

I ordered an Espresso martini and a duck Shepherd's pie.

Espresso martini

The Espresso martini is made with Cognac, Frangelico, Tia Maria, Bailey's and actual espresso. It did not taste like alcohol at all. As a coffee addict, I have to admit I might have drank this down a little faster than I should have. Well I just drink fast in general. I always have a Black Russian when I go out or a coffee when I eat out. This was just perfect for me.

Duck Shepherd's pie

I've been eating duck ever since I was a kid. Whenever I see duck on a menu, I am too tempted to try. This combination just seemed so weird I had to order it. My food came hot (I like it hot). The top of the potato layer was slightly crispy. Unfortunately the duck wasn't savory enough. The texture of the whole pie and the duck itself was right. I don't know how they cooked the duck but I found something was missing there. At least it was very filling (to the point that I had to take out half of it in a doggy bag).

I didn't take pictures of everyone else's food but I'll review anyways what I have managed to shoot and taste.

Beef tartare façon Saloon entrée

The beef tartare was really good. I think the truffle oil and the simple seasoning was what made it flavorful but just enough not to hide the taste of the beef. I hate it when I order tartare in a restaurant and it's drenched in dressing. The baguette crisps were good but a little too thick. For that texture I find it would have been better either really thin or half that thickness.

Steak New York

My friend was pretty surprised to see shrimp on her steak ... because it wasn't written on the menu. Fortunately she is not allergic and she was actually happy to get that little extra. I didn't try the steak itself but I had some fries. They were warm and just the right texture. They were also salted just enough. And yes, they give you a shitload of fries.

Overall if you're looking for a club ambiance with good food and good looking people, Le Saloon is just for you. I would come back again and try the other items on the menu. I think it's perfect if you go with a group of friends but it might be a bit weird for a date (unless you don't mind trying to have a conversation over loud music). The service was good and fast. I have absolutely nothing to say against it and I think our waitress did a great job.

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