Sunday, September 16, 2012

Voyashop Take 2

I should have posted this a long time ago but I have been so busy it totally slipped out my mind.

The following post will contain mostly pictures and not much bla bla, since there isn't much to say! Everything I have to say has already been said in this post.

A while ago I ordered a Matt&Nat purse from Voyashop. They were having a sale on their new arrivals : 20-30% off most Matt&Nat products. I had been shopping for a purse for quite a while but couldn't find anything I liked at a decent price so I was quite happy when I saw their promotion.

I'm quite difficult when it comes to shopping. Since I can't afford having a dozen bags and purses (like my sisters do) I try to stick to a maximum of three to choose from that I can wear with almost everything. I didn't want one of those purses you have to stick under your armpit, or those that are too small, or those that are too big, or those that have weird colors, or look cheap, or have a glossy finish ...

But I found something I liked thanks to Voyashop. Actually, there were many I wanted but I had to make a choice. They don't have it anymore, but I chose Shane in white.

Still in the bag. Oh the smell of new!

Side view!

Front view, out of the bag. Just like on the website.

Usually 105$, it was reduced at 58$. I paid an extra 5 bucks for express shipping.

I really liked it (and still do). I like how rectangular purses go well with everything I wear (whether I fancy up or go casual).

Open up!

The inside! Two compartments, with a small pocket in the front one,
another pocket in the back one, and a third pocket in the middle! Amen.

Of course compartments are very important for me. I can't just throw everything in like that, all mixed up. I like to have my lady stuffs at a certain place, my bus pass in another, my wallet elsewhere, and so on.

Looong strap!

The long strap can be shortened (a bit) so the purse doesn't hang too low. Though it only has a flap and doesn't close with a zipper, well, at least it closes! I don't understand girls that buy those bags that don't close ... are they trying to attract thieves or something? In my case it's actually a good thing it doesn't close with a zipper. I realized my wallet was a little bit too big (the dimensions were given but I didn't think about comparing them to my wallet). Thanks to the flap it can fit in, but it wouldn't if it was a zipper.

So that's it for today! Please shop at, I swear it's worth it. Plus, I can't stop recommending them to my friends :)

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