Thursday, September 6, 2012

I lost my camera in New York

The title says it all. Not only have I been to NYC lately, but I also lost my camera.

I left on Friday the 31st at 4:30am with seven other friends. Booked a deal with Sinorama (located in Chinatown) for 140$ per person. The hotel was in Parsipanny, NJ, but it was fine since transportation was offered. May I say we had a lot of fun for the little money we spent. We came back on Monday the 3rd around 8pm.

I won't name everything we did, for we mostly walked and wandered around, looking and fooling around. Of course we went to Times Square, passed by Rockefeller Plaza, window shopped on 5th Avenue, got lost in Central Park, walked through Wall Street, etc. As for the attractions (hear, the activities we paid for) we visited the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, the American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum. We also experienced taking the subway and the train (NJ Transit).

And that's how I lost my camera.

On Friday evening we parted from the group of travelers we were with and told the guy responsible for us we'd come back to the hotel on our own. We took the train at 10:51pm from New York to Morris Plains. Everyone was tired and some of us dozed off during the ride. When we got to our stop, we stood up fast to get off. No one realized I left my Nintendo Store bag that also contained a Hershey store bag ... and my camera. When I realized what happened, everyone felt bad for me. But honestly I think I felt less bad for myself than they did. First of all, I should have kept my camera in my backpack rather than in a paper souvenir bag. Second, we were eight kids traveling together. Someone HAD to lose something (valuable or not).

That loss made me realize I am a lot less materialistic than I was before. Two or three years ago I would have had the same incident and would have had a panic attack. Okay maybe not. I would have been really pissed and would have probably cried. But on the moment I thought "Well, I'll fill out a lost-and-found form and see what happens. Worst case scenario I lost a crappy 150$ camera. At least I still have my passport and my liver." And seeing how things are going, I don't expect to get my camera back. Seriously. It's been almost a week now.

But hey, my friends took a lot of pictures too. Too bad I'm the one who recorded a video of them badly singing Hedley's Kiss You Inside Out.

Before coming back to Montreal we stopped at the Woodbury outlets. We didn't spend as much money as expected (everyone had their list) and were a little bit disappointed ... maybe because we got there knowing what we wanted and not buying everything that was simply on sale.

I'm going to end this post abruptly (yeah, I still have to work on a way to end my posts properly) with pictures of my purchases (that I have taken with my cellphone).

Paper bag from the Nintento store. We came back the day after because some of us needed/wanted something from there. We were surprised to see how things were actually cheap compared to other places. You could get nice gifts for 10$ or less and t-shirts were 18$. I remember the nice things at the M&M store were at least 15$.

I got a cap (10$) and a keychain (4$) for my brother. I don't even think he's going to use them, but eh, at least I got him something from New York.

A Legend of Zelda mug (9$) for myself and a Super Nintendo controller belt buckle (10$) for my sister. I didn't feel like getting an I <3 NY mug as a souvenir and the Guggenheim mugs were really pricey (now I kinda regret not spending that extra money though).

A shirt from Aeropostale in Woodbury. I've been wanting to get a girly lumberjack shirt for a while and could have gotten it at Urban Planet for the same price ... but it would have been Urban Planet quality (which is quite meh). I paid 18$ instead of 45$, which is quite a good deal.

Got some running shoes from the Adidas store. Usually 65$, they were reduced at 50$ and since my friend and I bought for more than 100$ we had a 20$ discount. So basically they cost 40$. But I didn't buy them for running, more for walking long distances for a long time (aka when I travel or go on the field for schoolwork). They're light, comfortable and look quite cool on me.

Books from Urban Outfitters. I know they're available in Montreal but they're a few bucks cheaper in the US so why not buy there while I was there? I haven't started reading them yet, but they seem quite entertaining and will start them as soon as I am done with Tolstoi's Anna Karénine.

So that's it for today! May that be a lesson for everyone : keep your eyes open when you travel.

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