Friday, July 27, 2012

My Cosique Experience

I don't like complaining and bashing, though I do it a lot. I usually try to excuse others for their mistakes and make things appear better than they are. For example, if a friend is late, I tell myself maybe they were stuck in trafic. If the waiter doesn't come to our table fast enough, it may be because they're really busy in the back or another customer took a long time ordering and asking questions. If a package arrives later than expected, it may be because it was held for a while at the customs. You know, so I don't get bitchy and angry at everyone and everything for no reason.

But this, there is just nothing that can excuse any of what happened in that situation. I think I have to talk about it so people don't fall into the same trap as I did.

A few months ago, TeamBuy had this crazy promotion : 15$ for 5 OPI nails colors with toe separator and storage box (value of 61$). The company that offered this deal is Cosique, a canadian beauty supplier. On the deal FAQ the contact said it was 15 mL bottles, that it takes up to three weeks to receive the orders, that you'd have to pay for the shipping, etc. All questions were answered and everything seemed legit. I didn't think about making my own research on Cosique because I thought if they're making a deal with TeamBuy, then it's got to be real. And I never had any trouble whatsoever with TeamBuy before.

But it was all a lie.

I bought the deal on May 7th and placed my order on the Cosique website on May 11th. I paid 12$ for the Express FedEx shipping (I think the other option was 7$ for Regular FedEx) but I didn't mind because it was stated in the deal and even if I paid 27$ in total, it's still half of what I would have paid if I bought the same nail polish at Walmart.

After placing my order I was quite eager to receive my kit and so I contacted the company because I had forgotten I'd have to allow them three weeks to ship my purchase.

On May 16th, I sent them the following message :

To which they have answered :

So I decided to be patient and wait the whole three weeks.

After what seemed to be an eternity I sent them another message. On June 15th.

I waited the usual 24-48 hours delay. No answer. Waited a few days. Still no answer. That's when I started getting pissed.

I thought maybe they didn't get my message because I sent it directly with my email address. Still it wouldn't make sense since this is what I did the first time. So I sent them another message, on June 26th, through their website. I didn't keep a copy of the message but it was saying almost the same as what I wrote on June 15th.

Still no sign of life from them.

I decided to contact TeamBuy. I thought maybe they knew what was going on, maybe the persons in charge at Cosique are on vacation (but really, who does that?) or whatever reason there could be. I sent them a message through their website at the beginning of July and received the following answer on July 5th :

The message at the top is their reply to my message at the bottom.

Translation :

My message : Hi. I have bought an offer from Cosique Beauty Cosmetique : 15$ for 5 OPI Summer Daze Nail Colours with Crystal File, Finger/Toe Separator and Storage Case (61$ Value). I have placed my order on the company website on May 11th and still haven't received my articles. I have contacted the company many times. They answered the first time but haven't replied to my messages after. According to the deal, the shipping delay was of maximum three weeks. Could you contact the company for me and tell me what's going on? Thank you.

Their reply : Hi Sarah, We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have two options, we can either reimburse you for this purchase or contact Cosique if you tell me the 4 digit order number they gave you after buying this offer. Thank you and have a nice day.

I started feeling relieved. Maybe I wasn't going to lose my money afterall.

I answered TeamBuy with this message :

Translation : Hi, If you can contact Cosique in the first place, it would be greatly appreciated. My order number is 6205. Let me know if you receive any news on your side. Thanks a lot for your help.

And so I waited. But didn't hear from them. So I sent them another message through their website. They replied a few minutes later.

Again, their message at the top, mine at the bottom.

Translation :

My message : Hi, I have contacted you about a week ago concerning an order I have placed with Cosique (order no 6205) for which I have never received my articles. I have asked you to contact the company but have not received any feedback from you about this topic. If Cosique isn't answering your messages, I would like to be reimbursed. Case #00048456. Thank you.

Their reply : Hi, We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have two options for Cosique. We can either contact them or reimburse you. Thank you for letting me know how you would like to proceed. Thank you and have a nice day. Audrey.

I think my message was clear enough but anyways. This is what I asked of them :

Translation :
Hi, You have asked me before if I wanted you to contact Cosique or if I wanted to be reimbursed. To this I replied that I wanted you to contact the company in the first place. But since this doesn't seem to have been done, I am asking for my money back. Thank you.

It didn't take long for Audrey to message me back :

Translation :
Hi, I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have contacted Cosique but didn't receive any answer. I have now reimbursed you. Thank you and have a nice day. Audrey.

So it was it. Cosique was the bad guy after all. I felt bad for TeamBuy and decided I'd leave them a I-am-not-mad-at-you kind of message.

Translation :
Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate the efforts you make to satisfy your customers and will keep making business with you despite what happened with the Cosique company.

So afterall, what happened? Never received my nail polish and lost 12$ in useless FedEx shipping. Oh, and yes, when I log into my Cosique account, my order is marked as being processed. Seriously. 15$ from TeamBuy was credited to my credit card, which is a good thing because it proves me I can trust them.

So here's what I have to say :
Would I still make business with TeamBuy? Yes.
Would I still make business with Cosique? FUCK. NO.

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