Monday, April 2, 2012


They had a promotion lately : 30$ for 60$ worth of food. So I went with my friend Timothy. It was a nice excuse to do some catch up.

First, finding the place itself wasn't a very easy task, which is a good thing actually. That way it's not overcrowded by people passing by while doing their shopping. We went during lunch time so there was mostly people on their lunch break (thank God it wasn't full).

Then we get in. I liked the fact that they had tables outside. They were on the sidewalk but you know, when you want to stay in the sun (or if you're a smoker) you don't really mind. The decor was kind of a mix of rustic and modern, just like BurgerBar Crescent. The waitresses were also very nice and quite relaxed. And very pretty.

So we sat down and took a look at the menu. They have some lunch specials, which is nice if you're on a budget but still want to give their burgers a try. I was very tempted by the Kobe beef burger, but my friend said I'd rather have a real Kobe beef steak instead. So I had an AAA beef burger wrapped in lettuce, garnished with a slice of tomato, caramelized onions, grilled asparagus, Monterrey jack, and bacon. Timothy had three sliders, each garnished with caramelized onions, bacon, and I don't remember what else ... Really LOL. His sliders came with some deep fried onions and mango relish.

The picture doesn't look quite appealing, but trust me, it was good!

Don't they look cute?

We, of course, ordered sides as well. He chose sweet potato fries while I went for something fancier : truffled French fries.

Yes, we started eating before I snapped this picture.
The fries were perfect.

Without our coupon, this would have cost us 80$ (taxes and tips included). So go there if you're on a date and want to impress your darling with your cash ... Though the food was good quality, it was also quite overpriced. But eh, if you want to go to a fancy burger place, you'll have to pay for it. I was very satisfied, wasn't too full (perhaps because my burger was wrapped in lettuce).

I'd like to come back though and try their hundred dollar burger ... but I'm not rich enough for that haha.

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