Friday, March 30, 2012

My Voyashop Experience

I've had the same wallet for five years. My old black Billabong wallet was worning out and it was time for me to let it go. The fabric was tearing out and my cards were falling out of it. It had been good to me for a long time but it was getting old. I also didn't like it anymore.

I've been wanting to get myself a Matt & Nat wallet for quite a while now. Problem is their sales always happen when I am broke. No, a credit card does not count as money for me. So I started looking online for a website on which I could buy Matt & Nat products on sale whenever I wanted.

And I stumbled upon I was mad happy. Most products are 50% off the regular price and the shipping is free (or you can pay a little extra for express shipping, which is what I did).

I wanted to buy an orange wallet to fit with my orange laptop and orange water bottle. I like having orange accessories because it's such a bold color. Too bold to be worn though. I do not remember the name of the model I bought, but here are some pictures!

The box in which it came. You can see my old worn out wallet in the back.

Inside the box. Matt & Nat products are not only well made and pretty,
they are also eco-friendly!

Look at this beauty :D

And the inside. Very important for me because I need lots of
card slots and many pockets to sort my money and my receipts.

So how was my experience overall? First, shopping is made easy thanks to the filters on the left panel. When you click on a product details, they show you a picture of the outside and a picture of the inside (for most cases, not all of them unfortunately). That's why I chose this model because I'm a very organized person who doesn't like mixing things together and it was just perfect for me.

At the checkout, you are given three different options for shipping. Next to the two express options is written the day you will receive your package. It's not an estimation. It's the actual date! I was supposed to receive mine on the 20th and that's what happened.

The product came in very good condition and in its original box.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience and may buy again from Voyashop :)


  1. Hey Gabie,

    Everyone here at Voyashop was so thrilled to see your review, we linked to it on our FB page! Check it out here:

    So glad you're loving your new wallet - thanks for shopping with us!

    --The Voyashop team


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