Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le Cabaret du Roy

About two weeks ago I received a special offer in my mailbox : 25$ for 50$ or 40$ for 80$ at Le Cabaret du Roy, Old Port. Rio, Sophie and I gave it a try.

And we were far from being disappointed! As soon as we entered, the waitress greeted us with a sweet old fashioned accent. There was this man, dressed like a pirate, singing songs, playing the guitar and making friends with the customers. We were also very impressed by the decoration and the effort put in every little detail.

It's like sitting in a pirate ship!

Then we ordered. Everything on the menu looked good, but we had to make two choices. They both came with entrées.

First starter was a plate of artisan meat that consisted of sweet and salty jerky with deer paté. It came with onion confit and traditional mustard.

Left : jerky. Right : deer paté.

The other starter was a plate of salmon. And what happens when you have three fans of salmon at the same table? They will judge it hard. Guess what. We loved it. We loved it so much we were trying to guess how they made it ... but we couldn't :(

Left : maple glazed smoked salmon. Right : physalis salmon tartare.

Of course the starters came with bread and butter. But not just any kind of bread. Old fashioned multigrain and wild berries bread.

Then we got our entrées. The first one, the Wendake salad, consisted of warm vegetables topped with sunflower seeds and corn. The second entrée, an Amerindian soup, was made with deer meat, salmon, corn and vegetables.

Wendake salad.

Sagamité des Hurons. And my friend's hand ruining the picture lol.

The Wendake salad was sweet and refreshing. The starters were also sweet and salty so it wasn't like a shock of flavors. The soup was really good too. Nice big chunks of meat in it!

When we saw our main dishes arriving, we started getting all excited like little kids. They looked darn delicious and sexy.

The first one was a duet of pork and deer ribs. The meat was sweet and fork tender. I almost licked my fingers. The mashed sweet potato and vegetables complimented well the meat.

Duet of apple pork and Antilles flavours deer ribs.

The second dish, a plate of salmon, was just too good. The cheddar sauce wasn't too strong so we could taste well the salmon. I think it's a fish that has such great flavor just as it is. The mashed potato and vegetables also complimented well the fish.

Grilled salmon with cheddar sauce.

The dessert was a soft white cake cooked in a maple sauce. I unfortunately don't have a picture of it because they turned the lights off for a show given by a story teller. We couldn't stay and actually felt bad for leaving in the middle of a story because the lady was so nice and funny.

Overall we really appreciated our experience there. The ambiance and the people were nice and made us want to come back. The prices are a little bit high, but for everything and all the attention you get, it's really worth it.

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