Monday, March 19, 2012

BurgerBar Crescent

A while ago I went to BurgerBar Crescent, on, well, Crescent, with my friend Rio. It was after a dragon boat practice on a Saturday. We were both tired and hungry but still wanted to do something together. So guess what we did. We went eating.

Got there, realized two things : it's a resto-bar and coming on a Saturday evening was a bad idea. We didn't mind the bar part, but we knew it was one of those places that could get really busy on hot nights. We got there at around 6pm and got lucky : as soon as we arrived, a couple had finished eating. They had so many reservations that night, who knows how much time we could have waited.

When we took a look at the menu, we had no idea what to take. So many choices! Of course we didn't want to take a regular burger, so we tried something fancy. My friend ordered a Supersonic burger and I took a Baba burger.

Rio's Supersonic burger, topped with onion rings.

My Baba burger. No, this is not chocolate, it's balsamic glaze.

Baba burger open : gorgeous grilled vegetables!

French fries were included, but I traded mine for sweet potato fries (for 2$ more or something like that).

The beef patty was enormous, cooked perfectly (you know, when the meat is still a little bit pink). The choices of flavors were perfect too. And the buns were airy inside and slightly crispy outside (from being warmed on the grill).

The sides were quite good too, which is important to me because bad French fries can ruin your delicious tasty burger.

Honestly, this was so much food, I have no idea how the hell we managed to make room for dessert. We got ourselves one of the most delicious combination of brownie and ice cream.

Warm brownie topped with mint ice cream.

The brownie was still warm. It was heaven in our mouths. Its warm fluffiness against the cold compact ice cream created a party for our taste buds.

We were quite happy.

Unfortunately for us, the service was meh. The girl was extremely stressed out and it showed a lot in her gesture. She even dropped some utensils at some point. The food also took a long time to come to us (I think we waited almost an hour) but there was a huge group behind us, so I'm guessing the priority was given to them.

I'd like to come back and try more items on their menu (such as the Kobe beef hot dog and the Hundred dollar burger).

So if you go on a busy evening, call before! Or you might be disappointed.

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