Saturday, September 17, 2011

Decorated mug + Broadway Cheesecake

So it was one of my friend's birthday last week.  Though he didn't do anything I decided to get him a gift anyway.

I went to Omer DeSerres and bought a Pebeo Porcelain pen as well as a decorate-yourself porcelain travel mug.  Unfortunately the results didn't come out as well as it was supposed to.  I followed the instructions but I think I may have picked a bad mug because the pen didn't seem to be able to cover some specific spots of the mug (as if the glaze hadn't been applied properly or didn't cook evenly).

As you can see the middle section of the mug has uncovered spots.
My friend is leo, thus the reason why there's a lion on the mug lol
but also because it fits well with that quotation.

The other side of the mug.  The paint was chipping away :(

It's one of those trendy eco-friendly mugs everyone wants haha

The pen used.  Large tip because they don't have fine.

Before choosing to decorate a mug for my friend's birthday I made a little research on the Internet.  Everyone who has used that pen seemed to have had great results.  I'm seriously thinking the problem was the mug especially because all the projects I came across using this pen are not shown on that specific mug.

I added another personal touch to the gift.  I made a mug sleeve!  First time ever using a sewing machine.  It was hard because the thread didn't stop breaking for no reason!  Well my sister told me she installed some cheap thread on the machine, perhaps the reason why it didn't stop breaking and thus making me go angry because some spots are totally crooked.  Sad face.

 Pretty fabric!  Used three different fabrics in total.

 How it looks like on the mug.

That way my friend won't burn his hand while holding his mug.  He said "I sense I will be drinking a lot of coffee and hot chocolate this semester."  LOL

And we went to Broadway cheesecake this Thursday.  Yummy!  I had a slice of Tiramisu cheesecake and he picked a Ferrero Rocher one.  Sooo good.  You can tell they don't make their cheesecake with Philadelphia cream cheese.  So thick and rich.  Eating a slice takes about 10 minutes, no kidding.

 Ferrero Rocher


Sorry if the pictures don't look quite appealing, I was too excited about eating my cheesecake I didn't really bother making the pictures look good haha.

Overall even though I consider my handmade gift a fail, my friend really liked it.  He says that in the worst case, if the paint does chip away, I'll just have to paint it over LOL.  And the cheesecake was heaven.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Transformers sugar cookies

I'm a huge fan of Transformers.  Ever since I was a kid, I would watch whatever episode I could watch of Transformers and Beast Wars.  When the movies came out I felt like I was going back in time 13 years ago.  Okay add to that some slow motion scenes, hot chicks, a lot of special effects, etc.

But anyways, because I am a groupie (yes, even robots have groupies) and also because it's my friend's birthday, I have decided to make some Transformers cookies!  Only the Autobots logo though.

I was too lazy to make my own royal icing so I decided to give those ready made cookie icings a try.  First and last time.  It's so thick you have to thin it out if you want it to spread properly.  And well it's just not as practical and pretty as real homemade royal icing.

I'm not quite satisfied with what I have done, but I guess it could have been worse.
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